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Royel London Escorts

Winter Wonderland. Escort Wonderland.

December. Winter. Cold. Gorgeous escort girls ready to warm you up. Hot chocolate in front of the tv or an evening out with a lovely companion?
You are probably wondering where could you even take a girl out in this weather. So we asked some of our girls about their ideal winter dates… to help you out with ideas, because here at Star we are nice like that. Yes, being in London and all, most of them want snow and Hyde Parks’ Winter Wonderland, but here are some of our more…open minded ladies and their answers.
Kate, our Turkish escort who likes the cold and crisp air, told us she would love to go out for mulled wine and cake anywhere but in Hyde Park. She thinks that’s not overly romantic and a great way to spend time with someone new.
Andreea wants to go ice skating in Alexandra Palace. “Mulled wine sounds good as well.”. (I know you guys wouldn’t want to miss out on this super sexy lady skating about… maybe you could be her date?) I would definitely try to win her over with that.
Natalia, the sweetest one of our escorts would like to go for a walk, a nice dinner (she wouldn’t mind if you cooked) and, in her own words, she “can fix you up with a nice dessert”.
Karla said she’d rather stay in and watch a movie or find something more interesting and fun to do. I have no idea what she means, but maybe you can drop me an email after you meet up with her.
So as I said, some of our girls like to avoid the Winter Wonderland just about every year while most of the other escorts seem to think it’s the perfect place for a first date and mulled wine. Either way, they are happy to go wherever you are if you show them a nice time.
Who would you like to take to Winter Wonderland? Check our our gallery. Surely you will find your dream girl tonight.

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